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The best business ideas from the first half of the year 2015

The first half of the year 2015 is around. We can look back on a variety of interesting business ideas. With exciting ideas from America, crowd funding were projects, fashion, Internet, high-tech, and winner of the founder contest. We introduce today 2013 10 of the most interesting business ideas from the first half of the year.

The a people electric vehicle – the business idea of Calibri

 The year began with the finalists of the business idea contest CODE_n13. With this environmentally friendly a person’s vehicle Calibri. The idea: Because most cars only with one person already staffed it makes more sense for this purpose to use a very light vehicle. Due to its lightweight concept car of the business idea of Calibri weighs only 280 kg and is thus particularly energy-efficient...

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8 innovative start-up companies in the bicycle market

The good weather is finally here, it is time to get out of the bike! E bikes represent an alternative to the classic bike for mountain tourists and senior citizens. A start-up has developed a retrofit Kit, with which everyone can turn his bike into a lively E-bike now from the United States. They and seven other business ideas, see our business ideas special to the bicycle market.

My boo: bicycles of bamboo


My boo is a start-up founded by students of Kiel, which has made it to the task to distribute both ecologically and socially sustainable bikes out of bamboo. The visually striking frames are produced in cooperation with a social institution in Ghana. The final Assembly of bicycles is performed in a workshop of the Foundation man. Technically the bamboo bikes from my Boo can be seen...

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