The best business ideas from the first half of the year 2015

The first half of the year 2015 is around. We can look back on a variety of interesting business ideas. With exciting ideas from America, crowd funding were projects, fashion, Internet, high-tech, and winner of the founder contest. We introduce today 2013 10 of the most interesting business ideas from the first half of the year.


The a people electric vehicle – the business idea of Calibri

 The year began with the finalists of the business idea contest CODE_n13. With this environmentally friendly a person’s vehicle Calibri. The idea: Because most cars only with one person already staffed it makes more sense for this purpose to use a very light vehicle. Due to its lightweight concept car of the business idea of Calibri weighs only 280 kg and is thus particularly energy-efficient. A special structure on magnesium base still promises a high security for the occupants. With its dimensions of 2.60 meters long and 1.05 meters wide, it fits in almost any space.


The mini rent cinema of Radebeul

 Movies on-demand streaming and large flat screens in the living rooms of the Germans increasingly compete with the classic cinema. In February, we reported on the business idea of the Palace Cinema in Radebeul near Dresden. This holds the Guinness record for the smallest commercial cinema in the world. Confined to a room with only nine cinema seats, it offers a particularly personal cinema experience.

The program is also not in advance determined by the operator, but can be chosen by the visitors from over 1,500 films a range. Also has a bar with drinks and snacks is available. The rent for a two-hour movie stays including bar use only 30 euros. The equipment of a karaoke video game night is included in the price.


Shareconomy – dress gyro

 Early 2013 the theme of Shareconomy was high in the course. The business idea of dress gyro is a more interesting representative. Among members can exchange outfits, give away and sell on their online platform. The idea is to have less and to save so that resources and money, as well as to preserve the environment. The business idea of dress centrifugal convinced already 300,000 members of this concept since its launch in November 2012.


Unforgettable panoramas with the business idea Panospective

 The business idea of Panospective has prevailed in the area of information and communication technology. This is a litter camera which is able to record a complete panorama of the surroundings within fractions of a second. By the spherical shape and the 36 camera modules, 360 ° recordings are done horizontally and vertically.

An accelerometer to determine the highest point of the throw and throws all camera modules at the same time. Throw camera of the business idea Panospective unique images can be created by holidays, sports events and celebrations.


The business idea of rice pipes – the healthy fast food

 Rice pipes, these are 10 cm long and filled with all sorts of delicious Sushi rolls. This characterized by, that they be made low-fat and no artificial flavors or colors and preservatives. They are rolled in thin seaweed and are either filled with vegetables, tofu or roasted poultry. There other taste makers like ginger, chili, coriander, and honey and feta cheese.

What is striking: in contrast to classic sushi, there are no fish. This is intention, because the founders want to take into consideration the worldwide overfishing of the seas. The business idea of rice pipes offered their Sushi rolls in several shops in Berlin. Alternatively they can be ordered online and delivered within the city limits via the Web page.