8 innovative start-up companies in the bicycle market

The good weather is finally here, it is time to get out of the bike! E bikes represent an alternative to the classic bike for mountain tourists and senior citizens. A start-up has developed a retrofit Kit, with which everyone can turn his bike into a lively E-bike now from the United States. They and seven other business ideas, see our business ideas special to the bicycle market.

My boo: bicycles of bamboo


My boo is a start-up founded by students of Kiel, which has made it to the task to distribute both ecologically and socially sustainable bikes out of bamboo. The visually striking frames are produced in cooperation with a social institution in Ghana. The final Assembly of bicycles is performed in a workshop of the Foundation man. Technically the bamboo bikes from my Boo can be seen. They are equipped with high-quality brakes and circuits and durable thanks to special coating also when moisture. The frame weighing only three pounds and is thus not heavier than conventional bikes.


BFF bikes: bike shops for women

Specially for women, we had a car dealership also already here in the blog. Now open across America bicycle stores, aimed exclusively at women. BFF bikes, which opened its doors in the American Chicago recently campaign had successfully fired an Indiegogo Crowd funding is one of them. What does BFF bikes, other bike shops don’t have? The mostly female employees, special workshops and fitness classes, as well as a wide range of bike accessories and clothing for women. The following video shows the pitch to the Crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo, collected over $ 13,000 with the BFF bikes:


Cycletag: stick your name on bicycle

C1 team spirit copy while it is customary to provide your own wheel with his own name on the top tube in the pros, there is for amateurs hardly a cheap way of reference for such name stickers, to express their commitment to the sport and their equipment. Two students from Berlin were not happy with this situation and founded within the framework of the business idea competition Funpreneur at the TU Berlin the company cycletag. There, bicycle enthusiasts can give personalized name stickers from currently nine different templates for nine euros per set in order. A set contains five stickers.


Flyfit: Fitness tracker for the ankle


Fitness tracker there now like sand on the sea. But Flyfit is very different in a detail from the competition. Instead of the wrist, you wear it at the ankle. This can be the leg movements measured and recorded sports such as cycling or swimming. Flyfit can distinguish independently cycling or jogging through a movement pattern recognition climbing of stairs. Flyfit is able to monitor even the sleep cycle. A Smartphone application visualizes data and enables an analysis of personal fitness activities and the quality of sleep.


lock8: the new bike lock

lock8 is the first bike lock that allows a GPS locating a stolen wheel theft attempts sets off a high-pitched alarm and an SMS and is equipped with vibration – and temperature sensors according to own. Keys are not necessary with lock8, because it is via Bluetooth and a Smartphone as a remote control locked. The owner of the bike, removed without including the Castle, at least an automatic alarm is activated. Friends who have installed the lock8 in app, you can send an electronic key and give access to the bicycle. The following video shows how lock8 works. There was incidentally just over 60,000 British pounds on kickstarter.


Blaze: increase visibility in road traffic

The most fatal bicycle accidents arise because the cyclists from bending down cars are overlooked. The British start up blaze wants to remedy with an innovative bicycle light. An integrated laser projects a green bike icon on the road. So, motorists in the confusing urban see being a cyclist nearby, even if it is in the blind spot. Prospective customers can pre-order the bike light by blaze for 125 pounds.


Helios: easily the smart bike

The handlebars by Helios to can turn into a smart bike any bike. In addition to a headlamp also taillights, turn signals and a GPS are integrated. The latter protects not only theft, but also to the navigation. The built-in LED lights can change the color and display, for example the direction in which the driver should drive, or visualize evens the current speed. Various settings and the destination for the navigation function can be entered through a Bluetooth connection for smartphones.


Copenhagen wheel: make every bike an E-bike

The Copenhagen wheel is a retrofit Kit for the E-bike for commercially available bicycles. It replaced the previous rear wheel and assists the driver by its electric motor at each step movement. Sensors in the pedals recognize the impact strength and adjust the strength of the electric motor. Thus, a natural sensation should be maintained towards E-bikes, which put on a throttle on the steering wheel. The battery is fully recharged in four hours, and recovers energy during each braking. A retrofit Kit can for 799 dollars.